Wydad in 1942
Standing left to right: Abdelkader Benjelloun, Farrouj, Khali Bouchaib, Salem 1 Ould Aicha, Salem 2 Abdelkader AZBA. Seated left to right: Lokhmiri, Kadmiri, Kabbour, Mhimdate Mohamed Naoui, Adiba.


The national struggle originally of creation of the Wydad Athletic Club:

The origin of the creation of Wydad Athletic Club, is in the resistance to oppression of the protectorate. Thus, well before independence, the port of Casablanca was surrounded by a large number of pools, and to be able to have access to these pools, one had to belong to a club, clubs that were created and managed by European. From 1935/1936, a number of Moroccan Jews and Muslims could join these clubs and enjoy the pools of the city. But soon the number of Moroccan became too much which caused some form of fear on the part of Europeans who sent the indigenous '' of the clubs. That's how the idea for the creation of a club by the Moroccans, so as to allow Jews and Muslims to swim in the harbor pools. Thus came the idea to create the club of Wydad for the aim to participate in competitions of Water Polo ...

The difficulty of creating a club 100% Moroccan in Protectorate time:

All was not easy because after repeatedly asked permission to the French authorities for the creation of the club, whenever requests were unanswered, the Wydadis ofthe first hour (Haj Mohamed Benjelloun and Docteur haj Abdellatif Benjelloun Touimi ) made contact with the Franco-Moroccan association to try to resolve record problem of the club. Thus the Resident General Nogues personally intervened to allow the creation of Wydad This under very restrictive conditions: the removal of religion (no religion in sport), distance from politics, no racism (to the french), sharing 12 seats of the Committee between Moroccan and French in equal parts. Thus,on May 8, 1937 for the first time in Morocco, was created by Moroccan club.

Prime Leaders of Wydad :

Members of the first executive committee of Wydad were: Haj Mohamed Benjelloun (president), Mohamed Zarouk, Lahsan Mohamed Ben Haj Mohamed Ben Mohamed Ben Lahsan Benjelloun, Ralph Botbol Charles Benchetrit, Doctor bienvenue, Lucien Bilikrinieu, Pierre Andre, Boravel, Crone Vivirel Mohamed Masson finally, it should be noted the great contribution of Dr. Abdellatif Benjelloun Touimi haj, who was to take care of writing the statutes of the club, it was the idea of the general statutes and not specific to swimming in such a way as to create additional sections for the club, that's how it appeared in 1938 basketball and football in 1939, a section was created by the unforgettable Haj Tounsi alias Father Jégo. (in the Picture Feu Father Jego)

The choice of Wydad’s name:

Several versions circulating that the origin of the name of the club Wydad Casablanca. Wydad Arabic meaning is love, every historian brings his explanation. But that reported by Ahmed Lahrizi in his book on Wydad tome1, is the most common and the most plausible. Thus, according to the latter, during the frequent meetings that intervened before the creation of the club, a founding member arrived late, the reason was he watched the last film of the actress and Egyptian singer Oum Kaltoum, whose title is: "Wydad". Thus came the idea to give as founders of the club name, the name of the film (In the picture, the poster of the film om kaltoum ,wydad)

Wydad embodies resistance against the occupier:

Due to its specificity, Wydad was the embodiment of the strength of the Moroccan people facing the French occupation. In fact, in all the land of Morocco where it occurred, WAC was encouraged by thousands of fans, all Moroccans. Unlike other clubs such as RAC or USM, Wydad comprised the majority (10 of 11 players the maximum allowed by regulations) Moroccans and Wydad was somehow the national team of Morocco. Through sport and therefore the WAC, Moroccans could defeat the occupier.

This specificity is unique to Wydad, no other Moroccan club before independence can not claim such status. The WAC was the door of Morocco flags wherever he played, and in a Cup match of North Africa, while it occurred in Algeria, the Moroccan players refused to play until the Moroccan flags would not held high near the french. The match did not begin until the red flags hit the green star was raised in the company of tricolor flags. One of the many anecdotes that really shows the patriot and courageous side of Wydadis is the Fire Abdeslam that during the presentation of a match is set to urinate toward the musicians who played the Marseillaise.

The great victories of wydad against the symbol of France in football that was the USM were experienced as national celebration for all Moroccans. It is for these reasons among others that the main support of Wydad was none other than the Crown Prince at the time (and Honorary president) late Hassan II who did not hesitate to descend to the dressing room at half-time to encourage the "troops" Moroccan. (Picture of King Hassan II with the company of the president Haj Mohamed Benjelloun, President and founder of Wydad)